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     Teaching and Learning

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Sample lesson

T & L related keynotes Presentations(National and International

  • “Quality Assurance in Higher Education” at the British Councils Global Dialogues conference held in Colombo in June 2014.

  • 6th   QS-Maple conference on a theme “Defining and Designing Student Success “10 - 12 May 2016, Al-Ain, UAE

  •  “Soft Factors of Quality for Educational Excellene Excellence”,3Rd Higher Education Conference on Quality Assurance, Michigan State University, Knowledge Village Feb 102, 2015, UAE

  •  International Seminar- Madras University Chennai, Sep 2016.  

  • Was invited to organize and moderate a session at Wels 2016 Conference “Exploring Women Leadership in Vocational Education: Growth and Challenges in the UAE” in May 2016.

  •  “QA Models for TNE”, 5th MENA AIR conference, UAE University, Feb 27-29,2014, Al Ain ,UAE

  •  British Council’s   “21st Century Learner Expectations and QA Models”forum in  Dubai, Nov 27-28 ,2013  Dubai,UAE

  •  UOWD (2016)  T and L Forum – best practices of teaching

Awards and Research Grants for teaching and learning

  • 2019: Outstanding contribution to Teaching and Learning (OCTAL) Award  of  Vice Chancellor, UOW Australia

  • 2018: Educational Strategies Development Fund grant from UOWE

  • 2018: Outstanding contribution to Teaching and Learning (OCTAL) Nomination for Vice Chancellor Teaching Excellence Award, UOW Australia

  • 2018: AIB-2018, Best Paper Award nominee for curriculum design and constructive alignmentpresented at Minneapolis USA

  • 2015: Teaching Excellence Award, UOWD 2015 (Finalist)

Publications / papers presented related to teaching and learning

  • Lasrado, F. (2018). Constructive Alignment and curriculum Design. At: Academy of International Business, June 2018, Minneapolis, USA

  • Lasrado, F () CA as tool for Continuous improvement in higher education, AIB

T & L training, qualification and fellowships

  • Fellowship – Higher Education Academy ,2018

  • Certificate in Engaging students in online Forum, Laurete education,2016

  • Teaching in Higher Education, Liverpool online education,2016

  • Certificate in nature of teaching and learning in higher education – Swinburne university ,2017

  • Certificate in nature of teaching and learning in higher education – Swinburne university,2018

Workshops attended on teaching and learning

  • - What Do High-Performing Lectures Do?” in April 2015, presented by Dr. Jose Alcaraz-Barriga, University of Murdoc, and Perth Australia

  • -Designing assessment, UOWD

  • -Flipping Class room UOWD

  • -UOWD T & L Forum – disseminating projects


  • PHD Thesis examined – Madras University 2016

  • UOWD Thesis Evaluation committee

  • Other discipline related Professional Qualifications

  • ISO 9001:2008 lead auditor - Chartered Quality Institute (CQI)

  • EFQM Assessor, EFQM Middle East

  • Certificate in Lean/Green Sixsigma, Simplilearn International Association of Six Sigma Certification (IASSC)


Field Visits 

Teaching Resources Developed -Books 
                                         Teaching Resources Developed - Cases
  1. Lasrado, F., Husain, Z., and Hasan, R. (2018). Quality Award and Certifications: A Case of Excellence. In: Cases on Quality Initiatives for Organizational Longevity. Hershey: IGI Global, pp. 74-91. 60% contribution.

  2. Lasrado, F. (2017). Business Excellence: UAE Trajectory. In: Actions and Insights Vol. 6. ISBN 978-1-78714-714-0.

  3. Lasrado F (2017) Unpublished The king cross expereince: Customer Care  for Quality in Management


Student Testomonials

I want to take a moment to let you know how very much I have appreciated having you as my professor for the Quality in Management class. I am thankful for all that I have learned through your interesting and informative classes. I am also just as appreciative of your obvious caring and concern for all of your students. It has meant so much to have a professor like you. I hope our paths will cross soon, and hopefully I will have the privilege of being your student in another class. Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. (John Ruskin)"  - Shirbeth UOWD student
I never thought being Dr. Flevy's student is not just academically amazing but also otherwise. I did tell her later about how unknowingly she has become an amazing presence in my life out of the university. Well, to be honest, I would always thank her for being such a positive influence in my life in some form or other’ ,UOWD student
Because of the assignment, I became more excited about the course material. We tackled a real life example and tried to apply ‘the process management’ concept to enhance the current process by introducing new initiatives and ideas. Thus, the assignment was well connected with the course material. “I am extremely honoured and pleased for receiving the Dubai Trade innovator award of 2016 on behalf of my group. We are grateful for the support and inspiration which was provided by our professor, UOWD and Dubai Trade's team" Mai UOWD student
First of the foremost let me thank you for giving us opportunity to enrol in the course in the last minutes, its been  an utmost pleasure to me your student. The required course has broaden my engineering horizon and its applicability in my daily course of work. Indeed, you have allowed me to take the course with a very welcoming attitude and I present my gratitude for that’.  Ali Hassan UOWD Student 
I am an MBA student and this was my elective but I never thought that I would be so much influenced by the quality subject. I felt its importance especially when I tried to apply it at my work and find solutions taking the quality principles in mind. Dr. Flevy inspired me on how to use my abilities to deliver quality work. One of our projects was about Process Mapping where we have to design workflow for process. The project influenced me to push the bar high and explore in my work in different way. The project idea came from my workplace as I am specialist in IT department but the outcome was outstanding for me as I learned new tools and analysis skill than how I used to look at it before. I believe Dr. Flevy magic that made subject so interesting in class and inspirational for most of the students - UOWD student
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