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Research Monographs/Books

  1. Lasrado, F. (2019). Fostering Creativity and Innovation. London: Palgrave MacMillan. ISBN  978-3-319-99120-7.

  2. Lasrado, F. and Zakaria, N. (2019). Internalizing a Culture of Business Excellence: Perspectives from Quality Professionals. Abingdon-on-Thames: Routledge Productivity Press. ISBN 978-0-815-38117-4. 

  3. Lasrado,F. (2018). Achieving Organizational Excellence: A QMP for culturally diverse organizations. Heidelberg: Springer. ISBN: 978-3-319-70074-8.

  4. Lasrado,F. and Pereira, V. (2018). Achieving Sustainable Business Excellence: Role of Human Capital. London: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN: 978-3-319-73313-5. 

  5. Zakaria, Nand Lasrado,F. (2020). Embedding culture and quality in multinational organizations. Abingdon-on-Thames: Routledge.  


Journal Papers Published

  1. Lasrado F and Zakaria N (2019) Go Green! Exploring the Organizational Factors That Influence Self-Initiated Green Behaviour in the United Arab Emirates, Asia Pacific Journal of Management Ranking ABDC:

  2. . Lasrado F, Pereira V, Temouri, Y (forthcoming) Internalizing the Quality of Culture, International Journal of Knowledge Management Ranking ABDC: A

  3.  Lasrado F (2019) Examining the role of marking motives and benefits of Quality Award framework, Measuring Business Excellence Ranking ABDC: B

  4. Abusalim, Sundarakani, Lasrado F (2019) A relationship between TQM practices and organisational innovation outcomes: moderating and mediating role of slack TQM Journal under first review Ranking ABDC: B

  5. , F. (2017). Perceived benefits of national quality awards: a study of UAE’s award winning organizations. Measuring Business Excellence, 21(1), pp. 50-64. Ranking ABDC: B

  6. Lasrado, F. and Uzbeck, C. (2017). The excellence quest: a study of business excellence award-winning organizations in UAE. Benchmarking: An International Journal, 24(3), pp. 716-734. Ranking ABDC: B 

  7. Lasrado, F., Gomiseck, B., and Uzbeck, C. (2017). Effectiveness of employee suggestion schemes–from critical success factors to outcomes. International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences, 9(1), pp.  120-136. Ranking: ABDC:C 

  8. Shafiq, M., Lasrado, F., and Hafeez, K. (2017). The effect of TQM on organisational performance: empirical evidence from the textile sector of a developing country using SEM. Total Quality Management and Business Excellence, pp. 1-22.  ABDC:C

  9. Lasrado and Arora (2017). Social identity and environmental citizenship in multinational corporations: an exploratory investigation and future research direction. Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture, pp.1-23 Ranking ERA: A 

  10. Lasrado, F. (2016). Business excellence in the United Arab Emirates through soft TQM. Human Systems Management, 35(3), pp. 229-236. Ranking: ABDC: C

  11. Lasrado, F., Arif, M.., Rizvi, A., and Urdzik, C., (2016). Critical success factors for employee suggestion schemes: a literature review. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 24(2), pp. 315-339. Ranking ABDC: B 

  12. Lasrado, F., Arif, M., and Rizvi, A., (2015). The determinants for sustainability of an employee suggestion system. International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management, 32(2), pp. 182-210. Ranking ABDC: B 

  13. Lasrado, F., Arif, M., and Rizvi, A., (2015). Employee suggestion scheme sustainability excellence model and linking organizational learning: Cases in United Arab Emirates. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 23(3), pp. 425-455.
    Ranking ABDC: B 

  14. Lasrado, F. (2015). Assessing sustainability of employee suggestion schemes: a framework. International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences, 7(4), pp. 350-372 Ranking: ABDC: C

  15. Lasrado, F. (2012). An Overview of Employee Suggestion Schemes: The Past, Present and the Future. Skyline Business Journal, 8(1).

  16. Lasrado, F. and Gomišček, B. (2015). A tool to measure maturity of an employee suggestion scheme. Management and Production Engineering Review, 6(2), pp. 4-13. 

  17. Lasrado, F. and Bagchi, T. P. (2011). A cross-cultural evaluation of the contemporary workplace and its managerial implications. International Journal of Business, Management and Social Sciences, 2(1), pp. 14. 


Book Chapters:


  1. Lasrado and Hai 2020 Creating  culture for ISO 26000, Embedding a quality Culture, Routlege UK

  2. Lasrado, F., Husain, Z., and Hasan, R. (2018). Quality Award and Certifications: A Case of Excellence. In: Cases on Quality Initiatives for Organizational Longevity. Hershey: IGI Global, pp. 74-91. 

  3. Lasrado, F. (2018). Critical Success Factors of Innovation and Creativity for Global Entrepreneurs. In: Global Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation in the Sharing Economy. Hershey: IGI Global, (pp. 75-91).

  4. Lasrado, F. (2017). Business Excellence: UAE Trajectory. In: Actions and Insights Vol. 6. ISBN 978-1-78714-714-0.

  5. Maletic, D., Lasrado, F., Maletic, M. and Gomiscek, B. (2016). Analytic hierarchy process application in different organisational settings. In: Applications and Theory of Analytic Hierarchy Process: Decision Making for Strategic Decisions, Intech, Croatia. pp. 89-114. 


Conference Proceedings


  1. Lasrado, F. (2018). Constructive Alignment and curriculum Design. At: Academy of International Business, June 2018, Minneapolis, USA. Conference Ranking (A)

  2. Lasrado, F. and Pereira (2018). Achieving Sustainable BE. At: Academy of International Business, June 2018, Minneapolis, USA. Conference Ranking (A) 

  3. Lasrado, F. (2017). Go Green! Inculcating A “Green Self-Initiated Behaviour” Among Employees: An Exploratory Study of UAE and UK. At: Academy of International Business, July 2-5, Dubai, UAE. Conference Ranking (A) 

  4. Lasrado, F. (2017). Motives, Benefits and steps towards Business Excellence. At: Innovation Arabia, April 2017, UAE.

  5. Lasrado, F. (2017). Interrelationships between quality award motives and Benefits. At: International Academy of Management and Business, 9-11 October 2017. University of Wollongong, Dubai, UAE.

  6. Lasrado, F. and Gomiscek, B. (2016). Steps on way of Business Excellence. At: 19th QMOD Conference on Quality and Service Sciences, 21-23 September 2015, Rome, Italy. 

  7. Gomiscek B. and Lasrado (2016). Sustainable Quality Systems. At: 19th QMOD Conference on Quality and Service Sciences, 21-23 September 2015, Rome, Italy. 

  8. Lasrado, F. and M. Arif (2016). Enablers for Green Engagement: Challenges and opportunities. At: 19th QMOD Conference on Quality and Service Sciences, Special Track for JCP, (ICQSS), 21-23 September 2015, Rome, Italy. 

  9. Lasrado, F. (2015). Modelling Enablers of Service Quality using ISM: Implications for Quality Improvements in Healthcare Sector of UAE. At: International Conference on Organization and Management (ICOM) with Abu Dhabi University, 22-23 November 2015, Abu Dhabi.

  10. Lasrado, F. and Thirlwall, A. (2015). Peak Performance Prism: A conceptual model of people enablers in organisations. Accepted for: ANZAM Conference, 2-4 December 2015, Queenstown, New Zealand. 

  11. Lasrado, F. and Gomišček, B (2015). An analysis of UAE Quality Award Winners: A case study. At: 18th QMOD Conference on Quality and Service Sciences (ICQSS), 12-14 October 2015, Seoul, South Korea. 

  12. Lasrado, F. (2016). Managerial Leadership in Promoting Quality: A Case Study of Award Winning Organization. At: 5th AMRC Conference, 16-18 January 2016, UoWD, Dubai.

  13. Lasrado, F. (2015). Role of Managerial leadership in Quality Promotion. At: Innovation Arabia 8, 16-18 February 2015, Dubai, UAE.

  14. Lasrado, F. (2014). Sustaining Employee Suggestion System: An Empirical Study in the UAE. At: ICTBM, 2014, Dubai, UAE.

  15. Lasrado, F. (2013). A framework for ESS Assessment. At: 2nd International Conference in Business Management, Middlesex University, 26-29 November 2013, Dubai, UAE.

  16. Lasrado, F., Arif, M., and Rizvi, A. (2011). Implementing Sustainability Into Innovation Management in Corporations. At: IPGRCI 2011, 14-15 September 2011, University of Salford, United Kingdom. 

  17. Lasrado, F. and Bagchi, T. P. (2010). Extracting Managerial Implications by Kano Model from a Cross-Cultural Survey of QWL - Learning from UAE. At: POMS 2010 – Operations in Emerging Economies Conference, 5 May 2010, Vancouver, Canada. 

  18. Lasrado, F. and Rizvi, A. (2010). Critical Success Factors for TQM. At: Quality Congress, HBMeU University 4 March 2010. 

  19. Lasrado, F. (2009). Attitudes towards e-learning: A Explorative study in UAE. At: e-learning forum, HMEU University January 2009.

  20. Lasrado, F. (2009). Quality of work-life: employee perceptions. At: Quality Congress, HbMeU University, Dubai UAE 3 April 2009.

  21. Lasrado, F. and Bagchi, T.P. (2009). A Cross-Cultural Evaluation of Contemporary QWL and its Managerial Implications. At: Seventh AIMS International Conference on Management, IIMB, December 2009, India. .


  1. 2018: Fellow, Higher Education Academy UK (In progress)

  2. 2018: Member, International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOP) since 2018

  3. 2017: Member, Academy of International Business (AIB), since 2017

  4. 2015: Member, American Society of Quality (ASQ), since 2015

  5. 2016: Member, European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) since 2016)

  6. 2010: Member Dubai Quality Group (DQG)

Invited key notes

  • Invited @ 10 Sustainability Week as a keynote and Panellist to discuss Millennial Sustainable Goals in UAE, December 2-5, 2017 

  • Invited @ Sustainability Week as a keynote and Panellist to discuss Challenges and opportunities for sustainable development in UAE, December 10-14 ,2016 

  • Invited at British council Bahrain to chair session on Science Collaboration Symposium in Bahrain on tackling Sustainability issues in the Gulf, November 24,2016

  • Was invited to deliver a keynote speech at University of Madras in Sep 2016 at a one-day international seminar on Business Excellence Models and International Business, sponsored by University Grants Commission (UGC).

  • Invited to deliver a keynote at 2nd Regional Quality Conference:  of ASQ MEA (American Society of Quality) on October 19, 2016.

  • Invited to deliver a note on Student Engagement Strategies at 6th QS-MAPLE at UAEU May 2016.

  • Invited to moderate a session on academic paper presentations and provide feedback to paper presenters at International Seminar- Madras University Chennai, Sep 2016.  

  • Was invited to organize and moderate a session at Wels 2016 Conference “Exploring Women Leadership in Vocational Education: Growth and Challenges in the UAE” in May 2016.

  • Invited at Mena Air Conference for “QA Models for TNE”, 5th MENA AIR conference, UAE University, Feb 27-29,2014, Al Ain, UAE

  • Invited to British Council’s   “21st Century Learner Expectations and QA Models”forum in  , Dubai, No 27-28 ,2013  Dubai,UAE

  • Invited at OLC Mena “Learning Organizations and ESS “, 2nd Organizational Learning Conference (OLC MENA 2013), Oct 30-31, Dubai,UAE

  • Invited by British Council Srilanka   Quality Assurance and Regulation in Overseas Deliver Models”, South Asian Policy Dialogue, June 17-18,2013, Colombo, Srilanka,

  • Invited at ABC congress “Critical Success Factors for SRS”, 4th Annual Leadership Congress, Sharjah, Jan22,2013

  • Invited by Ideas Arabia “Sustainability of Employee Reward Systems”, Ideas Emirates Forum,, Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dec 12,201, UAE

  • Invited by Dubai Quality Group for “Innovation and /Creativity “, 7th Ideas Arabia conference, April 22-23,2012, Al Bustan Rotana Dubai.


Research Grants Awarded 



Educational Strategies Development Fund grant from UOW enterprises

Towards a holistic student experience: Investigating multisite experiences for development of an  authentic teamwork assessment method in diverse cohorts


Principle Investigator



Global Challenges, UOW Australia seed funding

Protecting coastal zones from heavy metal pollution from the mining industry:

Technical solutions and the role of corporate social responsibility (CSR)


Team member



UOW: UOWD global challenges  - Interdisciplinary team

Mitigate the suffering of Dementia patients to aid the patients, particularly for individuals with hearing problems


Team member



UOWD Internal Research Grant

Factors Impacting Mind-set Change for Alternative Sustainable Energy Access: New Models and Future Strategies”



Principle Investigator



British Council, UK Science & Innovation Network, Travel Grant

Science Collaboration Symposium in Bahrain on tackling Sustainability issues in the Gulf -


Session Chair and proposal development



British Council, UK,

International Researcher Grant

Employee motivation and engagement for promoting green behaviour quality leading to energy efficient workplaces


Principle Investigator



Industry Grant for Union Insurance

Service Quality Adoption in Insurance sector


Team Member



UOWD Industry Partnership Grant, - Dubai Economic Department

Investing in Excellence:  Analysis of Business Excellence Award Departments in UAE, Implications for Managers and Policymakers


Principle Investigator



UOWD Internal Grant

Motives and Benefits of Quality Awards: The Steps towards Business Excellence for the UAE Organizations


Team Member



UOWD Internal Grant AED,

Sustainable Quality Management systems and its link to organizational performance


Principle Investigator

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