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Auto Lease Vs Buy

Auto Lease Vs Buy ->>>

Leasing allows a person to get a new car every few years. It can keep their payments relatively stable when leasing the same make and model of car over various leases. Leasing also frees the lessee from having to dispose of the car at the end of the lease term.

Dollar for dollar, this typically nets a driver a higher-end vehicle than they could get for the same amount if they were financing the entire cost of the vehicle. When the lease is over, drivers can buy the vehicle for the agreed upon residual value or it will be sold, which recoups the rest of the price for the lessor.

The downside to leasing is that you get no equity in the car. When the lease is over, you have the option to buy, which due to current market circumstances is attractive but may not always be. Also, picking up a lease every couple of years results in an endless cycle of payments that will certainly cost more than purchasing a vehicle and keeping it for a decade or more. There are also limitations on what you can do with your vehicle.

Leased vehicles often include routine service in the terms of the agreement, which can save buyers hundreds of dollars in oil changes and upkeep. But finance companies typically limit the mileage of leased vehicles to preserve the value of their vehicle and keep costs low.

While most new vehicles include bumper-to-bumper warranties long enough to last through most leases, lessees are still responsible for routine maintenance. Some brands (but not all) also include a few years of routine maintenance in new-vehicle purchases, and that extends to lessees.

Sometimes auto manufacturers will offer special financing terms, but qualifying for those incentives usually requires a very healthy credit score. Buyers also choose to put a big down payment on the car at the time of purchase, which lowers the loan amount and therefore the interest and monthly payment. Many car buyers use the money received for their trade-in as the down payment on their new vehicle.

This is an especially significant risk in 2022, as many new and used vehicles are selling far above historical values or MSRPs. The resale value of those vehicles may not hold up as well if inventories and prices fall back to historical norms in 2024 or later. While a dealer may mark up a $20,000 Nissan Versa to $32,000 because of inventory shortages, in five years that same Versa is likely to be worth a fraction of the original MSRP. What goes up will eventually come back down, and when faced with a markup that massive, a lease is a better call.

Automotive and lending sites, including our sister site Forbes Advisor, offer lease payment and loan calculators to help plan as accurately as possible. It also never hurts to speak to a financial advisor at your bank or credit union about your options before heading into the potential high-pressure environment of the dealership.

The cost of repairs can hit both car buyers and lessees. Cars are typically leased for three years, so if you lease a brand-new vehicle it will likely be under warranty for the duration of your lease. But you may still have to pay for maintenance and repairs, and you might even be required to replace worn tires, scratched windows or other blemishes when you return the car.

But putting lots of miles on your car can be an even bigger problem if you want to lease. Auto leases usually come with mileage limits, typically set around 12,000 miles per year for a standard lease. Going over that number could mean being penalized at a rate of about 15 cents a mile.

But leases may not be as flexible as you think. If you get tired of your car or your needs change, you may want to think twice about turning the car in before the end of your lease. If you break your lease early, you could be on the hook to pay some steep penalties. You could even be required to cover all of the remaining lease payments and pay additional penalties on top of any other fees. Ouch.

Used cars aren't for everyone, however. If you don't want to

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