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Fit Boxing Fist Of The North Star You Are Alre... BEST

The crossover we've all dreamed off has just got a release date. Imagineer has brought in Kenshiro to help you with your fitness boxing, and you'll be able to get started when Fitness Boxing Fist of the North Star launches on 2nd March, according to Nintendo UK.

Fit Boxing Fist of the North Star ~You are alre...

While SSI Tristar took a lateral approach to emulating Kenshiro's frenzied fists, Konami's arcade division adopted a more obvious conduit: a huge boxing machine that challenges players to take out Kenshiro's rivals by punching at swinging punch pads; rather than measuring the strength of the player's punches, Fighting Mania rewards players for hitting the punch pads with precise timing as indicated by LEDs equipped in each pad... that is, until your super meter fills up, at which point it's time to wail on those pads like the kung-fu Jesus you know yourself to truly be. Simple, dumb and a hell of a lot of fun. 041b061a72

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