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Where To Buy Mexican Coke 'LINK'

In the United States and Canada, Mexican Coca-Cola, or Mexican Coke (Spanish: Coca Cola de Vidrio, English: Glass Coca-Cola, or Coca-Cola in a glass bottle) or, informally, "Mexicoke",[1] refers to Coca-Cola produced in and imported from Mexico.[2] Mexican Coca-Cola is sweetened with white sugar instead of the high-fructose corn syrup[3] used in the U.S. since the early 1980s.[4][5] Some tasters have said that Mexican Coca-Cola tastes better, while other blind tasting tests reported no perceptible differences in flavor.

where to buy mexican coke

yeah no doubt that the Mexican coke is still untainted by the universal corn syrup. Man that is some good coke. I have a case in the garage. I would say make nice with some one in SoCal and ask them to hook-a-brotha up.

You might look for something called Cane Cola... you can get this brand in Philly quite far from the border. It tastes very similar to the sugar sweetened Coke that you get in India, which I assume is similar to the coke in Mexico, with the exception of the at water supply.

Mexican Coke is Coca-Cola bottled in Mexico. It has garnered a strong cult status with Americans as a superior, better tasting version of Coca-Cola, to the point where consumers go to great lengths to purchase Mexican Coke, usually at a greater cost. 041b061a72

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