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Athymic nude rats (PVG.rnu/rnu) were injected at 6 to 10 wk of age with 1 to 200 million thoracic duct lymphocytes (TDL) containing 40 to 60% mature T cells. Thereafter TDL-injected nude recipients were monitored for evidence of T cell function for up to 2 yr. W3/25+ T helper (Th) cells in lymph nodes (LN) increased from 7% at 2 wk to 30% at 8 wk after TDL transfer. The percent of W3/25+ cells remained elevated for the life of the recipient (up to 2 yr), approximating normal levels. The total size of the recirculating pool expanded in TDL-injected nude rats to reach 2/3 the level of euthymic controls by 16 wk, an increase of 10-fold to 15-fold in W3/25+ cells. The expansion of the W3/25+ population was independent of initial TDL dose. With time spleen and LN acquired a normal histological appearance including the development of germinal centres and a marked increase in cellularity in T cell traffic areas. TDL-injected nude rats rejected skin allografts with near normal kinetics. In addition graft vs host (GVH) responsiveness, assessed by the popliteal LN assay, progressively increased reaching a level 9 mo to 1 yr after replacement that resembled the GVH activity in euthymic controls.

Therapy of patients with malignant central nervous system tumors is frequently unsuccessful, reflecting limitations of current surgical, radiotherapeutic, and pharmacotherapeutic treatments. The camptothecin derivative irinotecan (CPT-11) has been shown to possess antitumor activity in phase II trials for patients with carcinoma of the lung, cervix, ovary, colon, or rectum and for patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. The current study was designed to test the efficacy of the drug against a panel of human tumor xenografts derived from adult and pediatric central nervous system malignancies. Tumors included childhood high-grade gliomas (D-212 MG, D-456 MG), adult high-grade gliomas (D-54 MG, D-245 MG), medulloblastomas (D341 Med, D487 Med), ependymomas (D528 EP, D612 EP), and a rhabdomyosarcoma (TE-671), as well as sublines with demonstrated resistance to busulfan (D-456 MG (BR)), cyclophosphamide (TE-671 CR), procarbazine (D-245 MG (PR)) or melphalan (TE-671 MR), growing subcutaneously and intracranially in athymic nude mice. In replicate experiments, CPT-11 was given at a dosage of 40 mg/kg per dose via intraperitoneal injection in 10% dimethylsulfoxide on days 1-5 and 8-12, which is the dosage lethal to 10% of treated animals. CPT-11 produced statistically significant (P

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