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CSR4US program is part of  COM101  Responsible Business and COM 391 Professional Practice subject

activities.  Through this program we aim to host  events such as  CSR Majlis and  webinars   for students

to understand the CSR role as well as  the professions that are associated with CSR and  others

The aim is also to  provide an opportunity  for students to experience  CSR in action to find   internship opportunities with business

organizations  that gives early  exposure to professional practice.

The CSR4US  program is executed by central committee

comprising of dynamic student group  at UOWD.


Year 2020-2021 Core Committee 

  1. Ms Elria Dsouza

  2. Mr Craig Buthelo

  3. Mr Ameer Khan

  4. Ms Rashi Parvani

  5. Ms Shradda Sheker

  6. Mr. Zaid M


Upcoming events :

  • CSR Majlis  - October 31, 2020 - Event open by invitation only 

  • CSR  Webinar - October 15, 2020 

  • Registrations will open on 1st October 2020


CSR Majlis  |SUMMER  2020

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